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Group exhibition: The Body in Question(s) 2

Presentation of works 

The perception of the body is one of the themes underlying the artistic approach and theoretical research of choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde. After interviewing various specialists throughout the world, she resolved to share her findings with other artists and researchers. In 2012, she thus brought together eight visual and media artists, five dancers and two theoreticians to consider how the profound social, cultural and technological changes in modern societies are affecting the way we conceptualize and interpret the body. Offering a kaleidoscopic view of the body, the creation- exhibition Le corps en question(s)/The Body in Question(s) was presented in its world premiere at the Festival TransAmériques at the Galerie de l’UQAM. Two years later, this hybrid work has spawned two other eponymous works, equally hybrid: an exhibition catalogue containing essays by scientists, historians and theoreticians, which pursue and extend the themes of the creation-exhibition; and an interactive web creation in which Internet users can immerse themselves in some twenty scenes based on the original work, and access all texts from the publication, as well as behind-the-scenes documents related to the creative process (texts, photographs, audio-visual material).

Artists: Derek Besant, Blair Brennan/Sean Caulfied/Royden Mills, Kate Craig, Foumalade, Nadia Myre, Anick La Bissonnière, Éric O. Lacroix, Marilène Olivier, Monique Régimbald- Zeiber and Isabelle Van Grimde.

Performers: Marie Brassard, Sophie Breton, Robin Poitras, Soula Trougakos and Brian Webb.

Choreography: Isabelle Van Grimde
Sound Installation: Thom Gossage
Architecture of the space: Anick La Bissonnière in collaboration with Éric O. Lacroix Lighting: Lucie Bazzo.

Writers: Dr Cristian Berco, Fabienne Cabado, Dr Paul Cassar, Dr Sean Caulfield, Dr Timothy Caulfield, Raphael Cuir, Dr Dawna Gilchrist, Roland Huesca, Dr Lianne McTavish, Marilène Oliver, Mireille Perron, Monique Régimblad-Zeiber, Isabelle Van Grimde and Brian Webb.


Enterprise Gallery, University of Alberta

10230 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Main floor, 1-200

Gallery Hours

Thursday/Friday 12-6pm
Saturday 12-4pm


By donation.* Suggested:

  • Adult: $10
  • Youth/Student/Senior: $5
  • Family: $20

*Supports future University of Alberta Museums programming