Canadian Art’s Picks from the Papier15 Preview

AMY LUO AND CAOIMHE MORGAN-FEIR, Canadian Art Online April 24, 2015

Nadia Myre at Art Mûr’s Booth

Art Mûr’s display included two exceptional prints from 2014 Sobey Art Award winner Nadia Myre. From her Orison series, the pieces are large and, from afar, look like spazzy white scratches on a black background. They’re visually appealing, especially if one is inclined to a minimalist aesthetic, but the underlying process is quite complex. The photographic prints derive from the backside of Myre’s earlier beaded Indian Act works, so the white marks index the beader’s stitches on the document pages. It’s nice to see an artist’s work in a more ephemeral and commercial medium relate so eloquently to their broader practice and concerns.